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  Slope surve Description:

  Surveys of all registered slopes within the territory are required by the HKSAR Lands Department, to  be undertaken on a  5 year cyclic programme.All water carrying services within 5m of the crest and toe  of slopes must be checked for leakage in  accordance with the Works Branch Publication “COP on  Inspection and Maintenance of Water Carrying Service Affecting  Slopes (1996)”.Slopes fall under three  areas of responsibility, i.e., government, joint government & private and private.The  surveys are required  to locate and identify any leakage in any water carrying service that may cause any slope to become  unstable and cause possible slope collapse.

 The scope of the slope survey covers:

  • Engineer Inspection by Register Geo-technical Engineer
  • Site investigation and identification of water carrying services
  • HPWJ cleaning of manholes and drainage systems
  • CCTV inspection of drainage systems.
  • Leakage detection by LNC on water supply pipes.
  • Manhole survey to STC25 specification.
  • Topographical Surveys to assist in provision of as-built drawings that are submitted in ACAD format. (Optional)
  • Report submission in the format prescribed in the COP standard to Building Dept.
  • Recommendations for any remedial works that may be required.

 Utility Detection, Mapping & Tracing Description:

   Use of cable locator to provide mapping and tracing of power and telecommunication cables and ducting at surface level  and compile utility maps in accordance with HKSAR Regulation 406 specifications.The range of equipment used enables  our professionally trained staff to locate metallic and non-metallic cabling and cable ducting.    

   The locations and routing of these utilities are marked on the ground enabling our survey team to plot and provide as-built  utility plans in ACAD format.

  Equipment Details:

  • Biwater Spectrascan Indy-K8 cable locator
  • RD 4000 TX/RX cable locators
  • Each team consists of 1 competent person and 1 crewmen
  • Sonde location device.
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