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   Pipe Cleaning Description:
    HPWJ standard units generate 2,000-6,000psi pressure with flow rates from 10 to 20 gpm. With special nozzles attached  to the delivery hose, forward propulsion is provided by the retro-jets of the nozzle and at the same time, providing the  required cutting power. The ultra 10,000psi impact and high flow rate is ideally suited for breaking out and removal of hard  material inside pipelines.By using specific jet head configurations, grease, mud, encrustation and other debris can be cleaned  from within pipelines and flushed to the down-stream manhole for removal. HPWJ is also used for surface cleaning of  external surfaces such as roadways, road dividers bus depot flooring, etc.

  Equipment Detail:

   Each team consists of 1 leader and 2 staffs

  • Vehicle mounted High Pressure pump powered by diesel a engine
  • 100m of High Pressure delivery hose
  • 50m of supply hose
  • Special design nozzles for rotary cutting and cleaning
  • Full range of PPE and road safety equipment

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