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   Full lining Description:

    Full lining (manhole to manhole) is one of the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) systems for trenchless pipe  repair /   rehabilitation recognized  and approved for use in Hong Kong by various government departments  with responsibility for   drainage and water supply systems such  as  DSD, HyD, WSD, ASD, HKHA,  etc.Full lining can be installed using the   water inversion, air inversion or air inflation method to  undertake   the works.The guideline repair time is 4-6 hours   dependent on weather and general site conditions and,  of course, pipe  condition.During the  lining operation, the pipeline   must be taken out of service by setting  up a flow diversion system.

    We are also equipped with robotic cutters to undertake cutting and removal of intruding pipes and  opening pipe   connection after  completion of lining works.

  Equipment details:
  • MED and Perma-liner air inversion system
  • Air compressor and three-phrase generator.
  • Various size of robotic cutter.
  • CIPP water Steamer.
  • CIPP water boiler.
   Packer Lining Description (Point Repair):

    The packer lining (point repair) allows trenchless repairs to isolated damaged points within drain  sections. The repair  method is to install  a  “Patch” over the damaged point that when installed, gives the  pipe extra strength at the point of  damage and complete waterproof sealing.  The affected pipe does not  need to be taken out of service during the operation  that can be completed within an hour.This system is  also  tilized by government departments and the public sector as for  full lining above.  

  Equipment Details:

  • Full set of MED and USA standard lining materials and resins
  • Full set of standard air packers for pipes from50mm Ø–2100mm Ø

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