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   Packer Test Description:

  Specialist plugs and equipment to pressurize the pipeline will confirm water tightness by monitoring the induced air-  pressure.Drops in air pressure will indicate leakage. By movement of the system along drainpipes a series of pressure tests  are undertaken to determine and isolate the location of any points of leakage.

  Equipment Details:

  • MED and Shamrock Pipe Tools air-test system (panel, reel and pump)
  • U-tube thermometer and other accessories
  • Each team consists of 1 team leader and 2 workers
  • Water plugs and air test plugs from (100mm – 1500mm)
  • a set of pneumatics plugs (100mm – 1200mm)
   Injection Grouting Description:

   As an authorized & trained installer of Sika & De Neef waterproof grouting products we undertake injection grouting to  damaged pipes, box culverts and manholes, etc. The injection grouting system is to inject chemical grout into points of  leakage to form permanent waterproofing and crack and joint sealing.The advantage of using injection grouting is its  flexibility (allowing structure movement), solvent free (making it suitable for potable water) and its adhesion to wet  concrete.This method is commonly used in various government departments and the construction industry.

  Scope of works:

  • Locate points of leakage
  • Undertake confined space safety requirement where necessary.
  • Mobilize and Setup injection-grouting equipment.
  • Drill holes at 45 degree angle either side of the crack and joint.
  • Clean the area around point(s) of leakage of all loose material
  • Inject the grouting chemical until water leakage is stemmed.
  • Plug drill holes
  • Demobilize equipment
  • Submit pre & post repair photographic report to client on completion of work.

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