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   Flow Monitor Description:

   Flow monitoring is one of the DSD/EPD requirements to monitor and record the foul and storm drainage systems flow,  depth and velocity data.This will help the engineer to and collect data and obtain detailed information for forward  infrastructure planning and design purposes.

   Scope of works:s

  •  Confirm site condition
  • Install flow monitor
  • Provide color graphic report
  • Provide analysis information
  • Obtain data on weekly basis for report submission.
  • Permanent flow monitor installation and maintenance for pump/equipment control.

   Equipment Details:

   -Greyline “Stingray” Portable Level-Velocity Logge

   Infrared (Thermal Image) Survey Description:  

   Thermal Image survey uses an infrared camera to detect precise temperature difference within the survey objective  area.Interpretation of the thermal image will indicate various faults and areas for investigation. The practice is undertaken  using “Standard Test Method for Detecting delaminating in Bridge Decks and other structures using Infrared Thermography  to ASTM D4788-88 and Building Safety Inspection Scheme (BSIS) standard that is widely use overseas and now in Hong  Kong.

  Scope of Surveys:

  • Building External Wall – detection of voids caused by delaminating..
  • Detection ofwater pipe leakage.
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle leak detection.
  • Power cable leak detection and faulty connections for preventive maintenance
  • Detection of termites, vermin or any traceable heat generating pests or objects.

  Equipment Details:

  • “Fluke FlexCam Ti55FU” Thermal Imaging Camera with 35 & 55mm lens.
  • IRISYS 1010 Infrared Thermal Image handheld unit.
  • Nikon D40X digital camera with 15-55mm; 55-200mm lens.

   Infrared Thermal Image Photo – Building wall survey:

Thermal Image Monochrome Image

   Infrared Thermal Imaging Photo – Leakage Detection:

Thermal Image Monochrome Image

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