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   CCTV Inspection Description:

   Use of specialist CCTV inspection equipment to inspect and make CDR / Videotape recordings of the drainage/pipeline  service and structural condition

  • Standard CCTV inspection of pipeline range from 100mm-1500mm Ø with standard or pan & rotate camera facility.
  • Special CCTV inspection operations providing long distance inspections using specially designed tractor units to transport the camera for distances of 150m or more from a single access point and provision of CCTV inspection units for ultra small (100mm) / large (2M) diameter pipes.
  • Man-entry CCTV inspection of box culverts & drains greater than 1500mm Ø & long distance man-entry inspection with real-time distance display for 7.5km more.
  • Zoom camera CCTV inspection (up to 200m) for drainage inspection where access into drainage is not possible or practical.

   A team of well-trained office supporting staff will generate reports to WRc and WTi standard and computer generated  photographs by using tailor-made computer software. We also provide videotape to CDR cross recording service which  gives end-user the ability to view information on computer with CD-ROM playback facility and permanent filing.

CCTV work photo Fractures & Cracks Broken & displaced Joint
  Equipment Details:

  Each team consists of 2 or more staff, include 1 rig manager/CP and CW

  • Image Inspection Service – Model 2C, 3C & 5C inspection system
  • MED – Model Zoom Camera CCTV inspection system.
  • Pan-Tilt-zoom camera
  • Standard high rotate color camera
  • mobile crawler/tractor 2/4 wheel-drive (move to 2000mm)
  • 2“water transport vehicle”
  • Videotape to CDR recording
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